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History of San Diego

San Diego winery towers over a promontory at 350 meters above sea level, near Tolentino in Marche region, middle-east of Italy.

The estate dates back in 1370, when Franciscans “Clareni” built a monastery to St.Diego, in the middle of fertile terrain and a stunning landscape.

In 2009 the San Diego winery’s project began, on 11 hectares of vineyard on a clay soil rich of potassium and Pliocene fossils. The vineyard is entirely made by red grapes: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and a native grape variety of Sangiovese.

Cantina San Diego is a certified organic winery where we give particular attention to all quality details, from the field to the bottle, through processes like “green manure”, grapes selection combined with low yields, the use of food nitrogen to keep the wine cool and healthy, and the choice of biodegradable materials for the bottle.

Cantina San Diego is a young winery made by 3 young siblings. We want to make healthy and delightful premium wines, reflecting our respectful philosophy for the environment, integrating a high quality production with modern technology.

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